Isopropyl alcohol

GOST 9805-84 with changes 1

The description: isopropyl alcohol absolutized and technical Propanol-2.

Dangerous influence on the person: 3 class of danger (substance moderately dangerous).

Packing and container: production shipment is made in railway tanks and motor transport.

Application: isopropyl alcohol is applied in polygraphy, the chemical, oil refining, medical, furniture, food, timber-chemical, perfumery industry.

  • Polygraphy: isopropyl alcohol use for humidifying in printing processes.
  • Chemistry: isopropyl alcohol is used for acetone manufacture, for synthesis Isopropyl acetate and other difficult aethers, in manufacture of plastic for polymer washing (manufacture of polyethylene of low pressure and polypropylene).
  • The Paint and varnish industry: isopropyl alcohol is applied as auxiliary solvent of nitrocellulose, Cellulose acetate, ethyl cellulose.
  • The Petroleum-refining industry: isopropyl alcohol is applied as the carbamide solvent which solution in spirit is applied for deparaffination diesel fuel, as extract in a mix with methanol and water in the course of selective extraction naphthenic acids, as the additive to oils to increase of their quality regarding anticorrosive properties and hardening temperature, for removal of water from petrol capacities.
  • Medicine: isopropyl alcohol is used as the antiseptics, disinfecting means, at manufacturing medical extracts, essences and pitches.
  • Isopropyl alcohol is applied in quality extract pure things or impurity in thin chemical technology, and also in manufacture of perfumery and cosmetic means.
  • Forest chemical industry: isopropyl alcohol in a mix with other solvents is applied for extract pitches from wood
  • Woodworking and the furniture industries: isopropyl alcohol is applied as solvent of various oils, glues etc., for removal of old varnish coverings.
  • Aircraft: isopropyl alcohol is applied as the stabilizer of aviation gasoline and anti-icer.
  • Transport: isopropyl alcohol is applied as a component of motor fuel to its increase octane numbers.

Storage warranty: one year from the date of product manufacturing.

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