Isopropyl alcohol on Synthetic Spirit Plant CJSCreceive a method sulfuric acid hydration. The received production can be shipped as spirit Isopropyl alcohol technical, and also can be subjected to dehydration with the help diisopropyl ether, which is a synthesis by-product isopropyl alcohol. As a result of dehydration isopropyl alcohol it turns out isopropyl alcohol absolutize the maintenance of the basic substance in which is reached an indicator of 99,95 %. The indicator of the maintenance of spirit in accordance with GOST makes 99,7 %.

Raw materials for reception of given production is propylene in accordance with GOST 25043-87, and also propane-propylene fraction with concentration of propylene not below 70 %.

Synthetic Spirit Plant CJSCis today:

  • Highly skilled specialists
  • The modern monitoring system of quality
  • The perfected technology
  • The european degree of quality