Synthetic Spirit Plant CJSC has more than semicentenial history.

Synthetic Spirit Plant CJSC has been constructed under the project of Kuibyshev branch of Giprokauchuk and placed in operation on October, 23, 1955. Raw materials for manufacture of ethyl spirit was ethylene, received pyrolysis from cracking-gases.

Except ethyl spirit the factory let out an ethyl ether, an extract ethyl sulfuric acid, the pyrolysis pitch, the fulfilled sulfuric acid.

In November, 1960 building (the main designer Kuibyshev branch of Giprokauchuk) is finished and start-up 2nd turns on manufacture isopropyl alcohol is made. Except them the factory began to let out diisopropyl ether, fraction polymeric.

In 1963 installation on reception of the isopropyl alcohol absolutize has been started up in work.

In August, 1986 manufacture of ethyl spirit has been translated on development isopropyl alcohol.

Synthetic Spirit Plant CJSC till 2001 was a part of OrsknefteorgsintezJSC. In 2001 it has been transformed to the independent enterprise of Synthetic Spirit Plant CJSC.