Production application

Isopropyl alcohol is applied in the chemical, oil refining, medical, furniture, food, timber-chemical, perfumery industries and in polygraphy.

In the chemical industry isopropyl alcohol apply:

  • as raw materials for manufacture of acetone 3--3;
  • as solvent in a paint and varnish industry by manufacture;
  • nitrocellulose, ellulose acetate, ethyl cellulose;
  • as a semiproduct for synthesis isopropyl acetate, xanthats;
  • in quality extractors pure things or impurity in thin chemical technology;
  • in manufacture of plastic, in particular, manufacture of polyethylene of low pressure and polypropylene, for washing of received polymer.

In a petroleum-refining industry isopropyl alcohol apply:

  • as the carbamide solvent, which solution in spirit are applied for deparaffination diesel fuel;
  • as the additive to oils for increase of their quality regarding anticorrosive properties and hardening temperature;
  • as extractor in a mix with methanol water in the course of selective extraction naphthenic acids;
  • for removal of water from petrol capacities.

In the medical industry isopropyl alcohol apply:

  • in medical spirit washings;
  • in antiseptic solutions for an oral cavity, ointments, in liquids for washing;
  • as disinfecting means.

In the food-processing industry isopropyl alcohol apply in quality ice-carrier in manufacture of the frozen products

In the timber-chemical and furniture industry isopropyl alcohol apply:

  • in a mix with other solvents for extraction pitches from wood;
  • as solvent of various oils, glues etc., for removal of old varnish coverings;
  • as binding substance in cleaners and polyroles.

In the perfumery and cosmetic industries isopropyl alcohol apply:

  • in manufacture of varnishes, colognes, spirits;
  • in means of personal hygiene;
  • in manufacture of cosmetic means.

In polygraphy isopropyl alcohol apply to humidifying in printing processes.

Isopropyl alcohol has found also the application and aircraft as the stabilizer of aviation gasoline and anti-icer.

For today the requirement in isopropyl alcohol grows in connection with its application as a component of motor fuel for its increase octane number, improves operational properties of automobile gasolines: raises detonation firmness and washing properties of automobile gasolines, provides decrease in toxic emissions (, ) motor transport. Also it is used at preparation brake and windshield washer liquid, as antifreeze for automobile radiators.

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