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Synthetic Spirit Plant,CJSC

Synthetic Spirit Plant, CJSC- one of the enterprises in Russia letting out isopropyl alcohol on the qualitative characteristics surpassing other manufacturers.

Isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol, propanol-2) the substance widely claimed in many areas of the industry. The simple chemical formula and the excellent properties valuable to various spheres of manufacture and areas of human activity here that distinguishesIsopropyl alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol of our factory is in great demand, as in the Russian market, and abroad. Export deliveries are carried out to Finland, Italy, China, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the countries of Baltic.

In the industry isopropyl alcohol receive mainly sulfuric acid or direct hydration of propylene. As raw materials the propane- propylene fraction of gases cracking, and also propylene fraction of gases of pyrolysis of oil. In Synthetic Spirit Plant CJSCby manufacture on an exit receive the basic commodity output Isopropyl alcohol technical,Absolute isopropanol,Isopropyl alcohol Chemically pure,Cosmetic isopropyl alcohol,Dehydrated isopropyl alcohol.