Diisopropyl ether

TU38.402-62-133-92 2 grade

The description: Diisopropyl ether simple aliphatic ether, (CH3)2CH(CH3)2; a colourless liquid with a characteristic ether smell; temperature of ebullition =68,50,, density of 0,7244 g/cm3 (200C), ignition temperature = 22,50, explosibility limits in air of 1,1-4,5 % on volume (1000). Mixes up with organic solvents, with water forms azeotrope mix.

Dangerous influence on the person: 4 class of danger (low-hazard substance).

Packing and container: production shipment is made in railway tanks and motor transport.

Application: Diisopropyl ether apply as solvent of vegetative and mineral oils, solvent of animal fats, solvent of natural and synthetic pitches, deparaffination lubricant oils, in extraction - for example to removal of uranium from products of its division, allocation of acetic acid from water solutions, as a component of structures for removal of old paint and varnish coverings, and also as a component of motor fuel for its increase octane rating.

Storage warranty: 4 months from the date of product manufacturing

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