Improved organoleptic properties of isopropyl alcohol

Technologists of the enterprise carried out a series of measures which resulted in isopropyl alcohol to improve their organoleptic properties. Today isopropyl alcohol has not any heavy residual odor but a faint smell of ethyl alcohol appeared, which attracts additional consumers and expand the scope of alcohol.

Published 08-27-2010

NEW PRODUCT! Concentrate windshield fluid "Obzor"

Liquid windshield "Obzor" (concentrate) is designed for cleaning car windows at low temperatures to -53 C, as well as domestic cleaning window glass, glassware, crystal, porcelain, pottery, ceramics (except dishes).

Published 08-27-2010

NEW PRODUCT! Diisopropyl motor ether

Diisopropyl motor ether is used as a component of motor fuel to increase its octane number.

Published 08-27-2010